GRIPPER MINI PULL BAR (Modlite/ Dwarf Car) - Part#: CPT-833

GRIPPER MINI PULL BAR (Modlite/ Dwarf Car) - Part#: CPT-833

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Includes: gripper mini pull bar, small biscuit, linear bearing. (small car/ modlite/ dwarf car.)  STANDARD LENGTH IS 21 INCHES , POSSIBLE TO GET TO 19 WITH MODIFICATIONS. 

Part#: CPT-833


CPT Racing MFG GRIPPER Polyurethane Spring Dual Shaft Torque Links have proven to provide excellent traction in all track conditions while being reliable and easy to use. These Torque Links have ROLLER BEARINGS rather than bronze to improve responsiveness and make the CPT Pull-bar even more reliable than ever before. This torque link uses energy absorbing polyurethane bushings to absorb engine torque and increase traction to the rear tires. CPT Racing MFG uses only the highest quality polyurethane to achieve the best possible performance and exceptional durability.


   WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals which are known to the State of California to cause cancer. For more information, go to